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This page will be all about anything political from the presidency to local, state, national, and international governments.  This page will be used to reveal the hidden truth about the presidency, governments, etc.—and not the kind of truth that the liberal, biased, media wants us all to believe.  I tell the truth as I know it.


July 21, 2011

I would just LOVE it if Paul Ryan would run for the 2012 Presidential Election.  But, then, on the other hand, he is much better for the country if he remains in Congress.

In this video interview with Raymond Arroyo, and you will have to fast-forward it to the interview (sorry), he also tells the truth about his plans for a health care overhaul.  The biased, liberal, media has taken his plans and twisted them all around to make him, and his health care plans, look bad.

He is truly a devout Catholic!!  God bless him!!!!

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  1. Let me recommend checking for news stories daily on Sancte Pater, National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Whispers in the Loggia, New Liturgical Movement, Father Z, Lifesite News, A Catholic Notebook,and my own FB page (Michael Elohim)

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