JESUS  is Really and Truly Present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Most Holy  Eucharist—ALWAYS!!  Sadly, there are some Catholics who just do not believe this and some of those Catholics receive the Most Holy Eucharist whenever they attend Holy Mass,  and they do so without even going to the Holy Sacrament of Confession, first.  They just believe that What they are receiving is nothing more than a Piece of Bread and neither do they care about the eternal salvation of their souls.

But, for those of us Catholics, who really and truly believe that JESUS is Really  and Truly  Present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Most Holy Eucharist, we want, and we desire, to receive Our Beloved with the most love, reverence, and gratitude to Him that we can.

The best way to begin to receive Our Beloved in the best way possible is to spiritually prepare for Him!!  Most of us are guilty, at one time or another, and some of us more often than not, of being in a rush to get to Mass—whether it’s on a Sunday, Holy Day of Obligation, or a weekday Mass—and even arriving late.  Then, we don’t have much time to spiritually prepare our hearts and our souls for receiving Our Beloved.  But, even if we are in a rush and/or late for Mass, we can still mentally spiritually prepare.  We can spiritually prepare as we are driving to Church.  We may physically be in a big rush.  But, nobody knows what we are thinking except for God Himself.  So, while we can be in such a big rush, physically, our minds can still be at peace and preparing to receive Our Beloved.  When it is possible, we should arrive at Church a little bit early and pray and/or meditate.  We should spend a few minutes of private time with God alone—even if it may be just mentally.  So, we need to spiritually prepare to receive Our Beloved in Holy Communion.   And we need to remain in this state of being until we receive Our Beloved in Holy Communion.

We are to present ourselves to Our Beloved dressed in Christian modesty as well.  How ashamed we should be to present ourselves to Almighty God in any form of nakedness.  Women should ALWAYS  dress as women by using Our Lady as their Role Model—women should always dress very Mary-like and also act very Mary-like.  Let us never forget that while in the Presence of Our Beloved, and whenever at prayer, women should always cover their heads as well.  Our Lady did.  Men must always dress in Christian modesty as well.

When we approach Our Beloved in Holy Communion, we must always receive Our Beloved from the consecrated hands of a Priest and no other human being. The Priests’ hands alone are consecrated to the Lord and he, alone, is in Persona Christi.

The most reverential way of receiving Our Beloved in Holy Communion is on our knees—unless we are physically unable to do so—and on the tongue,  and there is absolutely no excuse as to why we cannot receive Our Beloved on the tongue!!  To receive Jesus in the hand is an absolute sacrilege!! Why would we even belittle the Great Creator of the Universe by receiving Him in our hands?? Why would we want to treat our God in this fashion when people pay more homage to earthly kings and queens by bowing down to them?  This makes absolutely no sense!!  No sense at all!!!  So, receive YOUR DIVINE KING on the tongue!!  It’s not hard at all to do.

When you return back to your pew, after receiving The Beloved, give Him Thanks and Praise for receiving His Divine Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity into your own body, blood, and soul.  Please remember that JESUS  remains in your body for 10 – 15 minutes before He goes into your soul.  (I was told this many, many years ago . . .when I was a young girl.)

Please remember that The Beloved always waits for you to come to Him in Holy Communion!!  He waits for you to come to Him with a pure heart and a pure soul.  Do YOU desire HIM?

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  1. Be sure to fast from midnight the night before also and only take what liquid you must to take medicine before communion


  2. I am very pleased to be able to attend old, strict, Latin Masses at St. Anne Church: the only Traditional Latin Rite of the Mass for the entire county of San Diego, California.

  3. St. Anne’s ! Fr. Eichman is there! He is a Fort Wayne boy.

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