How to Survive Without Electricity After a Hurricane!!

This is some interesting information to know about, whether we lose electricity to any kind of natural disaster or any kind of power outage!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Article by Tammy Jones, Yahoo! Contributor Network                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Trying to survive the days following a hurricane can be a challenge. The high winds of these monstrous storms are notorious for tossing trees onto power lines. Everyday household items that use electricity, such as washers, dryers, and electric stoves are rendered useless without power. How will you survive the days after a hurricane without these electronic luxuries? With a little creativity and a few household items, you can still have clean clothes and hot meals even without the convenience electricity.

Doing laundry Grandma’s way:

With no electricity to power the washing machine, you can still survive a hurricane and have clean clothes. You’ll need two 5 gallons containers, a toilet plunger, liquid laundry detergent, a clothes line, clothes pins, and someone with a lot of muscle. Fill up both containers with water, adding detergent to one. Throw in your dirty clothes and plunge away. Use the second container of water to rinse, followed by a good twist to expel the excess water. Hang to dry. Not only will you have clean clothes, but you’ll also have awesome upper body strength by the time the electricity is restored.

Fire up the Grill:

Many people believe that cooking won’t be a problem after a hurricane. Even without electricity, those with gas stoves assume they can still cook inside. Fact: hurricanes occur during the hottest months of summer. Fact: stoves heat up the house. Combine those two and your house becomes a sauna that rivals any expensive spa. Unless you want to lose 50 pounds while cooking all of that thawed ground meat, you might want to add charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches to your hurricane preparedness list. While others are trying to survive cooking indoors on their gas stoves, you’ll be experiencing a nice breeze as you flip burgers on the grill.

Something to wash it all down:

After cooking a gourmet meal on your grill, you’ll want something refreshing to drink. While it is very important to stay hydrated with plenty of water, a nice glass of tea at the end of a long hot day would really hit the spot. But how are you going to boil the water for tea with no stove? Not a problem. Just drop a few tea bags into a pitcher of water and attach a lid. Place the pitcher in direct sunlight for several hours. By evening, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of sun tea.

Learning to survive without electricity after a hurricane can be tricky. However, with a little creativity and the right supplies, you can turn a bad situation into an outdoor adventure.


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