The Immediate Future of America is At Stake!!

Now, I will start getting more political on here!!  I will post the truth as I know it and, I have to be honest, I don’t care who likes this or not!!  Truth is truth and truth needs to be heard!!  Whether it’s accepted or not is up to you, the reader.

So, we’ve all been hearing about this August 2nd. deadline between the Congress and/or Senate about this debt ceiling business or else Social Security checks, food stamps, medicaid, etc., will be delayed and, for all we know, even permanently stopped altogether!!  In other words, Social Security checks might not be mailed out on the August 3rd.  They might not even be mailed out at all!!  And what are 27+ million Americans, who get their Social Security checks mailed to them on the 3rd., going to do if there checks don’t get mailed out??  But, you know who’s going to get the blame for this?  The good guys—the Republicans!!  They will get the blame.  But, they are not to be blamed.  The blame goes to Obama—not the good guys!!  In fact, we have absolutely no idea as to what Obama is telling the Congress and the Senate!!  The biased liberal media only tells us what they want us to hear and they probably do not know everything that is happening behind closed doors anyway.

But, the Congress and the Senate are not the ones causing the problem—Obama is!!  It is Obama who is threatening us Americans and also the Congress and the Senate.  He knows, full well, that this is causing one big upset and that’s what he wants—that’s what’s on his, and his friends’, agenda!!  Obama wants R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!!  He wants this so that he can declare Martial Law!!  We know martial law is coming.  But, it’s just a matter of time!!

But, ya know what??  Obama is just a “puppet”—it’s ACORN who is running the whole show here!!  ACORN paid his way into the “presidency” so that they can run —- and ruin —-the country!!  ACORN will continue to run the show . . .but, under different names—different disguises!!

Then, there’s that controversy about Obama’s birth certificate and that will probably continue until the end of time.  Whether you all want to believe this or not, Obama is not a naturally-born United States citizen as is required of a President to be, according to our Constitution.  Obama was born in Kenya and the proof is in more ways than one!!  The birth certificate, that he showed us on national television, is a fake!!   As his birth certificate is a fake, this causes every bill, and everything he signed, to be invalid!!

But, the worst part about him being our “president” is that he is anti-God, anti-family, pro-homosexual and he is 100% for the murder of the unborn!!  Since he is 100% for the murder of the unborn, he DOES NOT care about YOU or ME!!  He does not care if we are sick or healthy or if we have enough food to eat, a place to stay, etc., etc., etc.  If he does not care if the unborn live, why would he care about YOU?  Because he is so much for the murder of the unborn, not ONE WORD, that comes flappin’ out of his jaws, can be trusted!! He hates Americans!!

Now, please don’t get me wrong!!  I DO NOT hate Obama AT ALL, as a person!!  However, I am absolutely against his policies!!

But, if we think we have it bad now—the worst is yet to come!!  WAKE UP AMERICA!!  We are heading for a dictatorship!!!


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  1. Great article! I might just add that besides ACORN, there are many more powerful elites who are globalists and anti-American who are backing him up.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Berta!!

      God bless you!!!

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