In case you haven’t realized this by now, a lot of  my posts are going to bug you and annoy you!!   But, YOU need to know the truth, like it or not!!  To tell the truth is MY rule!!  So, please have fun being annoyed!!

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  1. Go get them, the time has come to fight back and reclaim our identity as the `One,Holy,Catholic and Apostolic Church` and the Liberals can clear out as far as I am concerned.
    btw, if possible try to obtain the book, `Goodbye Good Men` by Michael.S.Rose obtainable on Amazon books,it will shock the reader to the core as to `How the Liberals brought corruption into the Catholic Church`
    Another informative and well researched book called `Understanding Medjugorje` by Donal Foley,is well worth reading, the author relates the hidden side of this false apparition site.
    God bless us all.

    • The liberals are in the political field, as well—and they are the main ones who will not like what I post!! 😉

  2. good job Kris

  3. Good girl Kristi!

    Be liberal in handing out the truth of Heaven even if the liberals hate it. Pope Paul VI before his coronation was considered a liberal by some because he wanted to set up shelters and give his bread to the poor, so in like manner we too can be liberal by bringing the leaven of Christ to a spiritually starving world so that good things might be conserved. If the liberals don’t like it they can eat their heart out!

    David Martin

    • Thank you for the compliment, David!!

      Too bad if those liberals don’t want to hear the truth as I know it!! I don’t care . . . I’m going to tell the truth as I know it anyway. 😉

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