Abortion Has A Ripple Affect!!

ONE abortion alters all of society from that very moment until the end of time!!  ONE abortion prevents generations of people from coming into existence from that very moment until the end of time!!  And that’s just ONE!!  Now, with that in mind, think of all of the 55+ million Americans who have been murdered in the womb since abortion was legalized in 1973!!

The real reason why schools are closing, Catholic Churches are emerging, the unemployment rate is soaring, and prices for everything are soaring?  Abortion!!  All those babies who were murdered in the womb in the 1970’s and 1980’s—had they lived, they would be having babies themselves now and some of those babies would be old enough to attend grade school  and maybe even high school now!!  If these children would have been in existence, schools would not be closing.  In fact, more schools would be opening to fit the demand—so many children would have existed and, therefore, needed to have gone to schools.  But, guess what?  That’s just not gonna happen now and why?  Because of  abortion!!

Had those babies lived, who were murdered in the womb in the 1970’s and 80’s—had they lived and been having children of their own by now, guess what?  They would need to buy food and clothing for these children.  Therefore, more people would be needed to work to make the items that would be needed for these children!!  And then these workers would be paid money and then they could go out and buy their own stuff.  But, guess what?  None of that is going to happen, and why?  Because of  abortion—because those people who were murdered in the womb in the 1970’s and 80’s were robbed of their opportunity to live!!

Even when legalized abortion is reversed, and we know it will be because with God no evil is ever victorious—even when it is reversed, this legalized abortion stuff, that is happening  now, is going to have damaging affects that will last until the end of time!!  I mean seriously, if we think we have it bad now with the economy and other things,  imagine just how bad things will be in another 25 – 30 years at this rate!!  I don’t even think we can imagine it!!

So, abortion hurts the economy!!  Schools are closing up because there are no children to fill the classrooms because either these children, or their parents, were murdered in the womb!!  Therefore, teachers, who would otherwise have been teaching these children, do not have jobs!!  If they don’t work, how will they pay their bills?  If these teachers cannot pay their bills, this is going to hurt the people whom they owe money to.  And if these people don’t get their money, well then they can’t buy their own stuff and the list will just keep going on and on and on!!  And that part is only because of there not being enough children to fill the classrooms because either they, or their parents, have been aborted!!  And this is only a small portion of the ripple affect that abortion has on society!!

So, I guess I have given you all something to really think about.

We need to do what we can to end the murder of the unborn and to pray for the end to the murder of the unborn as well!!

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