Our Lady!!

What more beautiful of a topic can I really start off this entire blog stuff than about Our Lady Herself?

What a Woman She Is!!  We are so blessed to have Her as our Mother, our Queen, our Advocate, our Mediator, our Intercessor, our Everything!!

She is Mary, Ever Virgin and Mother of God!!  She was created by God Himself—the Most Purest Creature ever created!!  She was conceived with absolutely no trace of sin on Her Soul!!  She is Mary Immaculate!!  She was Immaculately Conceived!!  She had to be created the Most Purest Creature in order to be the Mother of  God!!  For God would never descend to earth, in human form, and be Born of a sinner.  As God is sinless, so must His Most Holy Mother be . . . and She is!!!  She was Planned by the Divine Mind since before the beginning of time!!

This Same Woman, the Mother of God, is the Mediatrix of All Graces and, as Such, this Beautiful Spouse of the Holy Ghost has, time and again, over the centuries, proven Her Unfailing love to all of us, Her children!!  As our Beloved Mother,  She has chosen, over the centuries, to come to us—to descend from Heaven—and given us warnings, guidance, love, and the way to world peace and Eternal Salvation!!  She appeared to various seers over the centuries, and She still continues to do so to this very day.  She does not have to.  But, She has chosen to, as Our Loving Mother!!  She wants every single one of you to join Her in Heaven someday!!  She wants to guide you.  Please, let Her be your Guide!!

At Fatima, She has requested that every single one of you pray Her Most Holy Rosary every single day—Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  Her Rosary is for all people, not just Catholics!!  She requests that we all wear Her Brown Scapular.  Back in the 1200’s, through St. Simon Stock, She promised the world that whosoever dies clothed in the Brown Scapular, shall not suffer eternal fire!!  What a fantastic, beautiful, promise—that this brown cloth of Hers can save all souls from hell!!

Will you  PLEASE listen to Her and heed Her requests?!!  She is YOUR Queen!!  She is YOUR Mother!!  Her Beauty far exceeds any beauty that our human minds can ever conceive and that is because She is the Mother of God!!  So, if you’ll just do as She—Our Queen and Our Mother—requests, there will be world peace and you will have a Place secured for you in Heaven!!  Will you please join us in this spiritual battle and fight for God’s Glory??

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